All change! All change!

You will see a whole new layout if you click on over to With the invaluable, indispensable help of Cheryl Morgan, I’ve redesigned and updated my authorial website.

The front page is now my main blog.
The pages for each of my books has been updated and you can read the first chapter of every one by way of a taster.
There’s a whole lot of new, supplementary material about the world of Einarinn including online maps.
You’ll also find an archive of my reviews and articles about various aspects and angles of this writing life.
This is an on-going project so you can expect to see more material added. Next up on the To Do list is a page on Aldabreshin Stargazing.

This blog will now go into mothballs, so please update your links, RSS feeds etc. I won’t take it down though since there are a couple of posts which attracted a great many comments and links. Though those posts have all been carried over to the new site/blog, so if you wish to update your own links to point there, feel free. We haven’t carried over the comments though; that’s a technical step too far at the moment and our time is better spent on other stuff.

So go and have a look and let me know what you think? And y’know, spread the word?


Time to really get to grips with WordPress

Okay, here I am again, blowing dust off the surfaces, throwing open the windows to let some fresh air in and such. I won’t be abandoning LiveJournal but the DDOS attacks over there are becoming a real problem any time there’s stormy weather on the Russian political front.

Expanding and enhancing this blog will be an ongoing process as and when time permits. It really hasn’t of recent months but looking ahead, there should be some wriggle room in the schedule for a more concerted effort.

But first, Christmas…