The week ahead will be a tad busy

Okay, here’s the plan

– review page proofs for Darkening Skies
– write catalogue/cover copy for Defiant Peaks (Hadrumal Crisis Book 3)
– finalise my steampunk story for ‘Resurrection Engines – 16 Extraordinary Tales of Scientific Romance’
– write and post Christmas/holiday season cards
– teach an aikido class (Tuesday)
– go to school concert to cheer on Junior Son (Wednesday)
– continue with the Arthur C Clarke Award reading

Then Friday’s the end of term and we get to start doing Christmas preparations.

So, overall, not the best Monday to wake up with a surprise new headcold. Sigh.


4 Comments on “The week ahead will be a tad busy”

  1. Michele says:

    At least it’s not a head cold with bonus chest and sinus infections? (I’m 4 days into the 7 day antibiotic treatment and just starting to cough up/blow gunk of out of my nose! Sorry TMI!)

  2. Michele says:

    (Sorry that was meant to say “starting to ease up on coughing up/blowing…”!) Cold germs are fuzzing up the brain!

  3. jemckenna says:

    Actually, I’m similarly into 4 days of antibiotics for a sinus infection that was aiming for an upgrade to bronchitis – so I suppose this spiffy new headcold proves that bit of the patronising lecture* so many doctors insist on repeating – bacterial and viral infections are not the same…

    Either way, there’s a lot of this stuff about, isn’t there? Fingers crossed we’re both well for Christmas!

    *(yes, I absolutely agree that antibiotic resistance is a big problem/important issue – but do wish the medics could tag my notes with ‘this patient a) has already had The Lecture and b) is Not a Moron so does both understand and retain this information’)

    • Michele says:

      Oh yes! I’ve had that lecture in the past – though not on Friday when I went to my GP. I wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or alarmed as I’m discovering he’s a very hands-off chap (he’s new to the surgery team). Any of the other GPs I see would’ve asked “What have done?” on seeing me enter on crutches – he showed NO sign of interest at all. Most disconcerting!

      Anyway yes, let’s hope we’re healthy again come Xmas!

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