New Book! New Blog!

Today sees the publication of Dangerous Waters here in the UK, along with an evening session at Waterstones, Oxford, with the fabulous Ian Whates and Ben Macallan (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Chaz Brenchley) where we’ll be talking about what we write and why and generally socialising, from 6 pm to 7.15 or so. So if you’re anywhere close, drop by.

If you’re not, well, here’s some detail on the book…

The Caladhrian nobles have been asking for wizardly help. But wizards don’t get involved in mainland warfare. That’s one of the longest standing Edicts of the Archmage, in force for generations since Trydek, first Archmage, took his pupils to the island sanctuary of Hadrumal.

Only… that Edict has already been threatened by one renegade mage, Minelas, whom some of you will remember from The Lescari Revolution. What happens if that story gets out?

Because while Lady Zurenne of Halferan only knows that her husband has been murdered by corsairs, Corrain, once a captain of Halferan’s guard and now a slave rower chained in an Aldabreshin galley, knows those raiders were aided by a rogue wizard. If Corrain can escape, he’ll see justice done. Unless Jilseth, skilled magewoman and the Archmage’s confidante, can catch the renegade first.

In Hadrumal, Archmage Planir waits and watches, keeping his own counsel. That doesn’t suit the Masters and Mistresses of the Elements. There are too many whispers and doubts about Planir’s judgement lately, in Hadrumal and on the mainland.

That’s the thing about ripples. They spread.

Now, those who’ve read my books to this point, will recall earlier reference to corsairs raiding the Caladhrian coast. Those who haven’t need not be concerned – the book is perfectly accessible for newcomers, we’ve all worked hard on that.

Fancy dipping a toe in these waters? You can read the opening chapter, as one of a collection of 25 such chapters by a stellar array of writers in the SF Novelists “Opening Acts” free sampler ebook as offered via the website of Simon Haynes author and all round good bloke.

You can also download the free ebook of ‘The Wizard’s Coming’ which serves as a prelude to this trilogy

Now, I also have some actual paper and ink copies of Dangerous Waters to give away – I’ve already posted competitions on Facebook and Twitter (and hasn’t that been interesting…) and if you wave a hand to enter in comments below (making that distinct from an ordinary comment) I’ll draw a random winner on Monday 8th August – and I’m happy to mail the book wherever.

Read more and see the fantastic cover art at my website

(and hopefully I’ll work out how to insert a pic into WordPress posts…)


2 Comments on “New Book! New Blog!”

  1. green_knight says:

    (hands might not stand out enough)

    Mmmh, wizards.

  2. jemckenna says:

    Ooh, look, you win a book 🙂

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